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02 March 2011 @ 04:48 pm

If there are any reasons why you won't be able to take a part in challenges for a week or more, please let us know: write your team name and how long you will be gone. If your reasons are private and you don't want to publish them, it's okay.

If you're leaving the community and not coming back (you can always change your mind and fill out application form again), it would also be nice of you to let us know about it. Again, write your team name, feel free to keep your reasons to yourself if you don't want them to be published. :)

22 February 2011 @ 10:51 pm


# First off, no bullying. Please be respectful of your teammates and other members. If there is any type of bullying, you will be removed from this community. Everyone will have a different opinion.

# No sharing answers/cheating. It's unfair to everyone else and spoils all the fun.

# Please, no spamming or advertising.

# Please apply for a team before joining. We will go through your application and send you an invitation. YOU WILL BE PLACED IN A TEAM. It may not be your first choice, but we will do all we can :D 

# If you are found to be breaking the rules, you will be given 3 warnings before being removed from the community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this comm about?

This is a challenge community focusing on Hawaii Five-0. There are 4 teams (Steve, Danny, Chin & Kono) and each team will compete against each other in a series of challenges to gain points. At the end of the round, a winner will be announced.

Who are the Mods?

Myself (redjumper ) along with denija  and cifan70 . If you have any problems or questions, either PM us or head on over to the Page-a-Mod page. We will try and answer you as quickly as possible. Please bear in mind that all three of us are in different time zones, so it may be the next day that someone gets to you. Don't panic! We are here.

What sort of challenges will there be?

We will try and have a mix of writing, graphic, puzzles, luck/chance and the occasional discussion post (just to get a bit of team bonding in). You do not have to participate in all challenges, though we'd love it if you did! There is no minimum point requirement. Points and how to enter will be revealed with each challenge post. Please remember to state which team you are on, so that we know to give you the points!

I've been accepted into a team. Now what?

Join up with that team and start playing! It's a good idea to take a look around your team comm and see what it's all about and who everyone is. There's probably an intro post or a friending meme! Getting to know your teammates is half the fun, trust me. Don't be afraid to make posts within your team comm as well, it's not just for the mods.

# This post will be edited. If you've got any other questions you need answered, let us know! Or anything I've missed.

22 February 2011 @ 01:16 pm

If you have read the rules, you can apply for one of four teams. You can join at any time. Teams are:

1) Team Chin - Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) team_chin
2) Team Danno - Daniel Williams (Scott Caan) team_danno
3) Team Kono - Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) team_kono
4) Team Steve - Steven McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) team_steve

Fill out the form with your top three choices for a team. We will try to sort you in your first choice, but you must understand that we need equal members in each team. If you don't mind to be in any team, please say so in your fill. If you can find a member who is willing to switch teams with you before the first round starts, we can switch both of you.

Right now there are only 18 places in each team (as in, if all 18 spots are taken you will be sorted in your second or third choice of team), but once every team has 18 members, I will add more free spaces. It's just to make sure, every team has equal number of members. Anyone will be sorted in a team, so don't be afraid to join at any time!

1) Team Chin 16/18
2) Team Danno 18/18
3) Team Kono 18/18
4) Team Steve 18/18

Once you are accepted into your team, you will receive two invites: hawaii50_land invite and an invite from your team community. Don't join before you're sorted into a team.


P.S. Any questions? Ask here.
22 February 2011 @ 01:12 pm

If you have any questions, comments and concerns this is a post where you can do it. Replies are not screened, so if it's something personal, you can also send a PM to me or other mods (denija, cifan70, redjumper)