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You kids, Look that Up

Round 2 Challenge 1


Challenge: Picspam!

Description: Make a Hawaii Five-0 picspam. The picspam must be posted to either your journal or your creative journal/community and linked in the comments. Minimum of 10 pictures. The picspam must contain a theme. EG: Danny's flailing hands, Gracie, one the famous car arguments, Kono being all BAMF etc. (If you aren't sure on something, please leave me a comment!)


10 pics: 5 points
11-15 pics: 10 points
16-20 pics: 15 points
21-25 pics: 20 points
26+ pics    : 25 points

Extra Points: 1 point for team name in comment.
                        10 points for link to hawaii50_land in journal entry (not needed, but nice :D)

Rules: -- Your entry must be unlocked until the results have been posted. I need to be able to see your entry so that I can work out points. If you wish to lock the entry after results, that's fine.

-- Only one picspam per person.

-- you can discuss this in your team comms, but not with the other teams.

-- Picspam must contain a theme. Focusing on one character counts as a theme. EG: Just Steve or Just Danny & so on.

Due: 11:59 PM GMT 7th July.

Tags: closed challenge, round 2
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