You kids, Look that Up (redjumper) wrote in hawaii50_land,
You kids, Look that Up

Round 2, Challenge 2


Challenge: Discussion!

Description: I'll post a topic and you discuss! Don't forget that you can discuss with other team members and not just your own. This is a great way to get to know each other and make some new friends. Please remember to be respectful of others' views.

Now, I know that we had some issues with this type of challenge before, but hopefully this time we can all have a great time. Discuss your favourite things about the topic. If it was an episode, let everyone know your favourite scenes, some of the bits you personally hated and stuff like that. I think that for the purposes of this challenge, just keep everything as text, no images and such.


First Comment:  10 Extra Points
1 Comment: 5 points
2-5 Comments: 10 points
6-10 Comments: 15 points
11-15 Comments: 20 points
16+ Comments: 25 points

Team Name in Comments: 1 Point

Rules: -- Respect your fellow players. No wank. If you disagree, you may say so, but please do it nicely. No images, text only. You may provide links if you would really like someone to see something.

Due: 15th July 11:59 GMT (Countdown)

Episode 1.18 Loa Aloha

Tags: open challenge, round 2
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